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Re: cygpath (reprised)

Greetings, cyg Simple!

> On 2/25/2017 8:13 PM, Andrey Repin wrote:
>> Greetings, cyg Simple!
>>> Also a : isn't a valid character for a name in Windows.  Cygwin uses
>>> some magic to represent it in UNICODE format though.
>> It isn't a valid file "name" character, yes, but it is still a meaningful
>> character in pathname under windows.
>> Just the meaning of it is far from regular file name semantics.

> Not when specifying ./a:b which was the example being discussed.

We were discussing "a:b", not "./a:b".

With best regards,
Andrey Repin
Wednesday, March 1, 2017 16:11:45

Sorry for my terrible english...

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