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Re: Cygwin + Octave + Swig

On 26/02/2017 13:45, Brad Bell wrote:
I am having trouble using the current version of Cygwin (64 bit), Octave
(4.2.0), and Swig (3.0.11).

This issue seems to be known to to the Swig community; see

I would like to revert to a previous version of Octave, until this
problem is solve (by the swig community), but I cannot find one in the
Cygwin setup-x86_64 program ?

You can revert from setup to previous version
click on "Keep" to select the previous version.

Have you tried to overcome the Swig issue defining
  CXX="g++ -std=gnu++11"

This is how Octave was built

$ mkoctfile -p CXX
g++ -std=gnu++11


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