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Re: [ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: dash-

On 2017-02-23 14:41, Eric Blake wrote:
Or more likely, many people likely have pre-existing scripts wrongly
written as #!/bin/sh but which use bash-ism rather than portable
POSIX-specified shell (if it is portable, then bash vs. dash executing
the script shouldn't matter - but as Debian found out when they switched
to dash, there are a lot of non-portable scripts).  On the other hand,
Debian has already fixed much of the pre-packaged badness out there and
pushed fixes upstream where feasible, so these days it's not as hairy to
switch as when Debian first did it.

But part of me is still reluctant to make the switch as long as Fedora
still favors bash over dash.

I concur; we simply don't have the manpower to handle this ourselves.


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