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Re: suggest adding posting dates to follows-up and references

> > From: Eric Blake 
> > Still, you'll need to forward this request to webmaster AT sourceware
> > DOT org, as the cygwin list readers are not the same people as those in
> > charge of maintaining the web pages. (see
> > https://sourceware.org/lists.html for the full set of archives that will
> > be impacted by making such a change)
> Who am I that they would listen to me? The request would certainly have to 
> come from someone with an existing relationship to them, like some person 
> of authority within Cygwin. Again, this was all just a suggestion in case 
> someone agrees and cares to run with it. I've made my suggestion and will
> be happy to let this thread die.

It's a reasonable suggestion, and there's no harm in politely asking for
it. You can include a link to this thread so they can see whether the
community wants the change.


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