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Re: [ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated [test]: sed-4.4-1

On Mon, 13 Feb 2017 13:15:18, Eric Blake wrote:
> Yes, it means that any existing users that were lazily relying on the
> forced text mode to automatically strip CRs will now have to fix their
> scripts to add a d2u invocation, but I already hit some of that fallout
> when I changed bash to quit forcing text mode.

Just to confirm, this is working well, thanks:

    $ printf 'hello world\r\n' | sed '' | od -tcx1
    0000000   h   e   l   l   o       w   o   r   l   d  \r  \n
             68  65  6c  6c  6f  20  77  6f  72  6c  64  0d  0a

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