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Cannot access volumes mounted with 'mklink /d' which point to a volume UUID

On Windows you can create symbolic links which point to volume UUIDs as a way of mounting and unmounting them without having to use the administrative disk management tools.

For example, in cmd:

mklink /d test \\?\Volume{079b79c9-0000-0000-0000-100000000000}\
dir test

I call mounvol to get a list of volumes and create a symbolic link 'test' which points to the C:\ UUID. When I then 'dir test' it will list all files on that volume.

If I try to access it through Cygwin Bash I get the following error:

$ dir test/
dir: cannot access 'test/': No such file or directory

This makes it difficult to work with unmounted volumes as it's not always possible to access the administrative disk management snap-in and the mountvol/mklink has always been my go-to for this type of functionality. It would be great if Cygwin would support it.

Matt D.

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