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Re: cygpath

On 2/10/2017 3:03 PM, Gluszczak, Glenn wrote:
* is a legal character for ls but perhaps not cygpath?  I don't know.
No files or directories are using * in the name.

Not sure about incorrect terminal settings as I never touched any.
It shows up in mintty and ssh equally. The characters that appear vary.

Some non-existent paths do *not* produce the gibberish.

%%%cygpath -w /aaa/bbb/*

Yes, but I found something interesting when I did this:

echo "$(cygpath -w /usr/non-existent/*)" > mytemp

od -c mytemp

revealed that there is a three-byte sequence after the
output of


and before the newline added by echo.  I guess it's
some representation of * that does not show up on the
terminal, but it did strike me as a little strange ...

Regards - EM

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