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Re: Console buffer width always 1 column less than setting

On 2/7/2017 9:23 AM, Lee Dilkie wrote:
> Cyg, I understand list etiquette but I'm referring to *human* etiquette.
> Steve asked for help, got help but rather than acknowledge it (and add a
> note at the bottom to *politely* tell Vince that he should find a way to
> sanitize email addresses out of his replies), he just jumps aggressively
> on the quoting issue (and confused things in the process because he, I
> assume, meant to say "email addresses" instead of "email directly",
> which doesn't parse well in english).
> So I stand by my observation, Steve acted like a dork here.

Such name calling isn't taken well regardless of where it is used.
Please refrain from expressing such personal beliefs about anyone or
anything to this and any other list you may subscribe to.  The English
language is an ever evolving and fluid language and often a redefinition
occurs due to the human nature of being lazy.  I completely understood
Steven meant "email addresses" with his shortened form to "email" and
would even use it the way Steven did myself.

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