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Re: [ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: mintty 2.7.4

On 2017-02-05 11:35, Thomas Wolff wrote:
> Hi Achim,
> Am 04.02.2017 um 17:13 schrieb Achim Gratz:
>> Thomas Wolff writes:
>>> I have uploaded mintty 2.7.4 with the following changes:
>> Since about November/December last year I'm having problems with
>> screen and tmux sessions in mintty not correctly refreshing and
>> leaving garbage characters displayed in the terminal. It seems that
>> the terminal size is not always correctly reported, especially if
>> you make the window occupy the left or right half of the screen via
>> Windows shortcut.
> Is this within tmux or after leaving tmux (see comment below)? It 
> would be help to cross-test this; if it's mintty, which version
> would show the behaviour first? What happens in xterm?
>> Additionally, there seems to be an off-by-one bug when the last
>> line of the terminal needs to be scrolled up in order to show
>> content that is longer than the remaining width. This happens when
>> you for instance recall a long command from history. It's hard to
>> see what exactoly happens, but it looks like the one character too
>> many gets printed (and wraps onto the next line) before the whole
>> terminal window gest scrolled up and the rest of the command gets
>> printed in the line below the single wrapped character. That
>> remainder is in various states of disarray, showing both remnants
>> from the original prompt on the last line (now three lines up),
>> empty /spaces where there should have been characters from the
>> command and then of course parts of the command.
> This might be related to some issue with terminal geometry as 
> perceived by the shell (see 
> https://github.com/mintty/mintty/issues/377#issuecomment-137728631).
> Have you checked that? Recently changed your prompt? Try with basic 
> prompt (PS1="\w> ") please.

Thanks for supporting and enhancing mintty to be even better in 
Cygwin, and able to be used as a console for other environments.

The test below may be relevant to the above problem, or may be 
Running vttest 2.7 (20140305) 
updated by and used by xterm maintainer for testing.

Test 1. Test of cursor movements screens 3 80 col mode and 4 132 col 
mode gives results looking like below (shortened lines to 71 
characters to avoid wrap issues and fixed content to match display 

Test of autowrap, mixing control and print characters.
The left/right margins should have letters in order:
M                                                                     m
O                                                                     o
P                                                                     p
Q                                                                     q
S                                                                     s
T                                                                     t
U                                                                     u
W                                                                     w
X                                                                     x
Y                                                                     y


Unfortunately most of the test documentation is in the source as tables.

If you find vttest useful, it might be worth adding to the mintty 
package as a test program, where you or others could ask users with 
problems to run specific tests, as xterm does.

It may also be useful if mintty had some character hex value box 
display mode switch to display the actual codes at each visual 
position, or maybe a font used to display the character hex value in 
a box, often used in fonts as glyphs for non-printing control 
characters and those in the Private Use Area, in which case that could 
perhaps be added to the mintty package for use in testing. 
I have been searching for such a font with no success so far. 

Take care. Thanks, Brian Inglis, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

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