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Re: Is it OK to mount cygdrive on / ? (usually, but may not be as portable).

Andrey Repin wrote:
Accessing drive letters directly from inside Cygwin is often considered a grey area.
   How is it grey?

Too much may happen on this border. You have to clearly understand, how Cygwin interact with other system, to avoid issues.
I.e. if you think you may have programs that also want to use
/bin /usr, /sbin, /lib /etc, there could be conflicts.

If you want to access Windows path, recommended route lies through the use of
cygpath utility to convert native paths to the Cygwin scheme. Et vice versa.
I wouldn't recommend that -- it's too hard to type:

/> ls -d $(cygpath S:\Music\Anime) ls: cannot access S:MusicAnime: No such file or directory
/> ls -d $(cygpath 'S:\Music\Anime')
/> ls -d /s/Music/Anime
ls -d $(cygpath \\ishtar\Music)
ls: cannot access /ishtarMusic: No such file or directory
/> ls -d $(cygpath '\\ishtar\Music')
Much easier just to type "//hostname/Share".

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