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RE: Issue with delayed process start and effect on Windows 10

Hello Barry,

High Five to you!

I do indeed have Rapport installed and it looks like it does not co-exist
well with CYGWIN.

I rebooted, stopped Rapport and then ran the script I have been trying to
run for a day and it went through flawlessly at normal speed.

It is very strange that 2 different applications that have nothing to do
with each other can interfere with each other in this way.

Once again thank you for taking the time to respond and also to the CYGWIN
team for their time and suggestions.

Paul Kitchen

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I noticed almost exactly the same problem, I remember it was about 15
seconds per process, and traced it to IBM Rapport Trusteer (some sequence of
words like that) banking app which some banks require be installed and
running in order to login and view your account.

All this seems somewhat better with a recent update to that app.

If that may be the problem it's not enough to just use the app's "Rapport
Manager" shutdown. I had to kill the manager also via the task manager
before there was any change. And unless you do some heroics it will all
start itself up at boot, it seems to be installed like a virus (usual MS
tools can't seem to stop it from starting at

It's not difficult to stop/restart the app when needed though is annoying as
it requires jumping through a captcha, task manager, their manager, etc just
to see one's bank balance.

        -Barry Shein

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