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Re: Perl library request - local::lib

Brian Mathis writes:
> Please add the local::lib library to the available perl packages.

It was a deliberate decision to not include it.  Just throwing out a
request like that won't convince me otherwise, but I may change my mind
if you have any arguments with substance.

> This allows bootstrapping many other packages directly from cpan into
> a local directory without polluting the main Cygwin files.

This is still more error prone than one would like and I expect anyone
capable of getting all the little things right to not have a problem
with bootstrapping local::lib themselves (I'd do it via cpanm, but there
are other ways of course).  Also, just by installing CPAN you aren't
polluting main Cygwin files: the modules distributed with Cygwin install
under perl_vendor, the modules installed by cpan will end up in

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