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Re: Guile update? Missing `scandir`

On 30/01/2017 11:40, Václav Haisman wrote:

My project is using Autogen to generate makefiles but it used
`scandir` function which appears to be missing from the version of
Guile that Cygwin package provides. Would it be possible to update
Guile to something more recent which does contain the `scandir`
function implementation? See also

I assume you mean a 2.0.x version.

I started to work on packaging of 2.0.x in parallel to the 1.8.x
last summer but I hit some problems on their coexistence
(mainly name scheme for guile-config) and let incomplete.

Some of the packages in cygwin are not yet ported to 2.0.x,
so dropping 1.8.x seems not a solution.

Currently I have little time to look on it and my system
is suffering build problems due to corporate BLODA that
makes packaging an annoying activity.


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