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Re: I cannot understand popen/_popen absence

Am 29.01.2017 um 02:16 schrieb Пётр Б.:
I am trying to build Qt under Cygwin.

What keeps you from using the existing build? Or from at least looking at its source package to see how it was managed?

> For some mysterious reason
Cygwin compiler does not expose popen with std=c++11 which is required
for Qt

I rather much doubt that this particular setting is required. Nor is there much mystery about this: std=c++11 is an option that explicitly requires the compiler to disable _all_ extensions beyond ISO standard C++. popen is part of the POSIX extensions, so it will be disabled.

at the same time the MinGW compiler installed from Cygwin repository
does expose popen with same standard flag.

That might be a bug in MinGW, but more likely you overlooked another flag that re-enabled some extensions.

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